Still Overlooked

I objected to a planning application but no one from South Norfolk Planning Services came to look. After many letters to the planners, the Ombudsman , the RTPI , Chief Executives , Planning ministers, Members of Parliament and others, I have not found any one interested in the truth. Without adequate financial and legal support I have been bullied into keeping quiet and perhaps my web-site is the only way to "speak out" with the information found in my investigations:-

1) Incorrect information was fed to the committee by a professional officer.

2) We were never notified of the Planning Application from South Norfolk District Council.

3) Our valid objection was not adequately considered by South Norfolk Planning committee.

4) A copy of this letter to the Parish Council was filed by the clerk and not considered by the Parish Council.

5) The planning committee's agenda omitted our objection completely.

6) The Committee and the Chief Executive were misled on the factual situation because no one at South Norfolk District Council carried out a site visit that checked the facts.

7) The Ombudsman's decision was based on the same incorrect information and further false information sent by the planning officer and Chief Executive.

8) The Council's assessment was not based on the facts as no one had checked the facts.

Clearly the decisions were not taken properly. My investigations also show:-

that the applicant is a builder /he did not build according to his earlier plans at the time he was Planning Representative for the Parish Council /he submitted incorrect plans/he "changed these plans" many times/he breached Condition No.2 of the Planning Permission/he has erected un-neighbourly, unauthorised boarding/he has totally failed to resolve the problem. "The planning application was not done properly so was not done at all."

The following diagram illustrates why this has been wrong from the beginning.

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