No Fair Hearing

Old friends and I am sure new friends too, know that I am honest and open, kind and trustworthy. I do not judge people except on whether I find them honest and fair. I am never knowingly rude, derogatory, racist. nor unkind. I enjoy teaching and helping others when I can.

Whilst supply teaching in what had become my "regular" school a Muslim parent came in to complain. My remarks in reply to her incorrect accusations led to my dismissal from the school.

I now believe that both the parent and myself were both very unhappy with the arrangements for the Christmas Play. These had been agreed by the parent and Head teacher. I had taught this parent's child since he started at the school four years earlier.

The Head teacher would neither inform me of the words that she had been told I said nor allow me to meet with the parents. There was no opportunity to learn or listen, explain or even apologise if there had been any misunderstanding or misconstruction.

I asked to meet the governors.

After complaining to Norfolk County Council I eventually was informed how to complain and sent a copy of the November 2005 Norfolk County Council's School's Complaints Procedures.

These procedures were temporary/short-lived and unjust. They did not allow for natural justice audi alterem partem. I was judged by unknown governors, behind closed doors. The Head's damning statement was incorrect, contained several terminological inexactitudes and a serious untrue allegation. I asked the panel to reconvene under the later procedures so they could see/meet me and read the references I had. They refused to reconsider their decision "They had followed procedures"

After a lifetime of teaching, nearly all of this in Norfolk, ten years supply teaching at this school and knowing this school as a parent for fifteen years, my teaching for Norfolk County Council came to an abrupt end. I was far too upset to supply teach.

I have been totally devastated and appalled at what has happened. I miss friends, colleagues and all the parents and children. The school was a lovely school and I enjoyed being regularly asked to teach there.

Why were unjust procedures used? Were they the correct procedures to be used in my case? They were totally inadequate and not fair at all.

I have been denied a fair hearing. I wish to clear my name.

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